The college has a library of its own. A wide range of books of different subjects are available. The library is enriched with News papers, Journals and Periodicals
Student Welfare Association
In the presence of the principa l have organized Student Welfare Association. In this organized are divided GroupWise student.
  Psychology Lab
The institution running Psycho, Language, Computer etc. have five Labs.
In our College Apart from academic course, the college provides activities of games and sports for students. The college also arranges a four days Socially Useful Productive Work and Community Service camp.
Its compulsory for Education Tour to be like a Vanshala Shivir and Jayanti Every year the college provides an opportunity for an educational tour in Village area in Vanshala Shivir and Block practice for students & Faculty. Students coming from different parts of the Districts to take part various Educational,Debit,Cultural Programmes, etc. Teachers student learn and write to villagers who are illiterate for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and Saksharta Mission programme. They are also guide about Pollution and Population control, saving water, and knowledge Aids programme . They have also participated various activities to be like games and cultural activities.